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What are stages, and how do I set them up?

The approvals process can be set up as a basic request/approve process or can include a multi-stage approval process.  

For example, an employee may submit and expense claim, which needs to be approved by their direct line manager. Once the line manager has approved this, the claim can then be submitted to the finance team for final approval. This would be a two-stage approval process.  

To set up your approvals and approvers, first decide who is going to have final approval of a request and assign them to the final stage.  

To assign approvers you need to decide how many stages you want to set up per configuration.   

  1. Go to Settings > Approval Management  
  1. Click on View Configurations 
  1. Click to open the configuration you want to edit 
  1. To add a stage, click Add Stage   
  1. You can then add an employee to this stage    

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