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What are licences within Ultra HR?

Ultra HR subscriptions are based on the number of licences you need to give users access to the platform. There are a few different licence types which give access to various levels of functionality within Ultra HR.  

We’ve kept the process as simple as possible so you can get your organisation up and running quickly.  

There are two types of licences.  

Core licences 

The core licence gives users access to the Ultra HR platform. The features you have access to will differ depending on whether you’ve opted for the Professional, Premium or Ultra version.  

For more information on our pricing and features visit -  Ultra HR Software Pricing | Ultra HR 

Add-on licences 

Alongside our core Ultra HR licence, we also offer a range of additional add-ons. These include our expenses and recruitment modules. They are purchased on a per-user basis. The number of add-on licences can be scaled up or down depending on the needs of your organisation. Add-ons require the user to have a core licence assigned as well.  

Add-ons are a great way to build extra functionality to your Ultra HR subscription as and when you need them. For example, only the HR team may need access to a recruitment feature.  

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