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Overtime report

Ultra HR allows you to view departmental and company overtime through the Overtime Report feature. The amount of information you can see in the report will depend on the permissions that are assigned to a user. 

To view the Overtime Report: 

  1. Go to the Overtime module
  2. Click on the Excel icon
  3. Select Overtime Report 
  4. Select the dates that you want the report to show 
  5. Click Download

The Overtime Report includes: 

  • Employee name
  • Employee number
  • Total amount – applicable to overtime types set with a fixed payment. Any overtime type that is set up as a timed payment will not show a figure in the Total Amount column.
  • Total Earned Time – the amount that needs to be paid to a teammate for the date period. This will be the same amount as displayed in the Earned column.
  • Total Earned Time Off in Lieu 
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