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How to book a review

How to book a review

To schedule a book with a member: 

  1. Go to the Performance banner
  2. Click the + icon
  3. From the dropdown select Book Review

You can also access the review booking feature by going to

When you click the + icon, the review details will automatically be populated with the correct details. 

You can then add the following information:  


Subject/title of the review. This will appear in the teammate’s view of the booking. 


The person who will be conducting the review. You can set this to be anyone but unless they have the relevant permissions, they will not be able to change any other details of the review. 

Additional notes

In this section, you can add any additional information about the review. 

Location, date, time and duration

These will be populated with the default settings but you can change them as needed.


Up to five documents can be attached to the review. These are viewable only to the person conducting the review and those with the relevant permissions. 


Here you can add people who will be present at the performance review. The default setting is the teammate and their current line manager. 

Once you’ve finished entering the information click you can book the review. A notification is then sent to each person invited to the review, asking them to confirm they will be attending. Once they confirm, the icon next to their name will change from a question mark to a tick.

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