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Home screen – personal view

For teammates or managers who have chosen the personal view, you can see an overview of upcoming holidays, the latest clocking and any events that are coming up. 

Holiday widget

This widget shows you a range of useful information such as: 

  • Used or booked holiday and the number of days of holiday you have left for the year
  • Upcoming booked holidays – this shows you the next few confirmed holidays as well as public holidays
  • Access the Holiday module by selecting the View button and the + button to request a holiday

Clocking widget

The Clocking widget on the home screen shows you the last clocking you recorded as well as that day’s Start/Stop work details. 
You can also click the View button to view your clocking history in more detail.

Recent/Coming Up widget

This information is available to everyone using Ultra HR. It displays reviews and overtime both in the past and coming up at a future date. You can filter this view to show only review or overtime as needed.

Reviews widget

See the information for your last review and next scheduled review. Within this widget, you can also: 

  • Access the Performance module by selecting the View button
  • Request a review by selecting the + button

Profile widget

This area is personal to you and includes: 

  • Your profile picture
  • A fun fact about yourself that only you can see
  • Your start date and how long you’ve worked for your organisation
  • A randomly generated tip of the day
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