HR recruitment management software

Fully integrated hiring process

Streamline your hiring process with our HR recruitment management software. Hiring is an integral part of your HR operation. Integrating this process with hands-on recruitment features enables a fully collaborative approach that saves time and admin. Our recruitment management system software allows you to manage all your recruitment in one place, at a glance from any device.

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From job advert to first day at work

Recruiting staff just got made easier with Ultra HR recruitment module

  • In recent times the recruitment process has become even more intensive, and usually it’s the responsibility of the HR department to deal with most recruitment related tasks
  • Ultra HR recruitment provides the ability to create roles and job ads, handle the interview process, and if a hire is agreed, automatically convert the candidate in to an employee. Data never needs to be entered twice, and many of the tasks are automated using templates.

Let Ultra HR manage your recruitment process

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Fast track recruitment

Write job posts yourself and launch as soon as they’re approved. This fast tracks the recruitment process.

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Edit instantly

Want to change the salary or request another skill? Jump on and edit job posts in real-time with no delays.

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Centralised management

No need for input or actions from other departments, simply press a button and launch.

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Save time

Control all listings instantly from your dashboard. Publish, update, view, and remove.