6 benefits of HR automation

Feb 07, 2023 • 2 min read

The benefits of HR automation can be game changers. Over the past decade, HR has become the heart of organisations. No longer just the department for ‘hiring and firing’, HR plays a central role in recruitment, onboarding, performance, timekeeping, compliance, training, wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion.

That’s a long list and with it comes the admin and paperwork. Running the HR department with manual systems, multiple spreadsheets or disconnected software is time-consuming, leaving little time to focus on what really matters. People.

In this article, we look at the benefits of HR automation to organisations of all sizes.

What is HR automation?

Human Resources automation (HR automation) uses software like Ultra HR to automate and streamline repetitive and time-consuming HR processes. By freeing up time, your HR team can focus on more valuable and complex tasks to help drive the business forward.

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HR automation benefits

With the right software, you can reap indispensable benefits from HR automation. Here are six game-changing HR automation benefits: 

  1. Save time

    The most tangible benefit of HR automation is its time-saving capability. You can save valuable time by speeding up repetitive and time-consuming tasks with a trusted automated process. This saved time can be invested into higher impact tasks that add value to your company.

  2. Reduce your paper usage

    Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and lost paperwork. HR automation helps you to reduce your paper usage and meet sustainability targets.

    With Ultra HR, all information is securely stored on the cloud including employee information, performance review notes, attendance tracking, and more. All important information is only a click away and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. With an increase in remote working, this makes more sense than storing hordes of paperwork in offices.

    The benefits don’t end there. There are also cost savings to be had. By ditching paper-based processes, you’ll spend less on energy, and you won’t need to purchase as much paper and ink. This allows you to invest your resources into other areas with greater Return on Investment (ROI), making the departmental budget go much further.

  3. Improve the employee experience

    The benefits of HR automation can be evident across the whole company, not just within the HR team. For example, with Ultra HR’s automated tools your employees will notice improvements such as faster holiday approvals and fewer payroll errors. This keeps your employees happy and motivated, which positively impacts productivity and improves employee retention rates. At a deeper level, automation frees up time so your HR team can focus on building an employee-centric company culture.

  4. Drive accuracy and consistency

    Manual processes and data entry are prone to human error. By automating your HR processes, you reduce the risk of error and ensure consistency across the business. This improves the accuracy of your HR reporting and reduces the admin burden on your HR team, giving them more time for higher impact tasks.

  5. Data-driven decision making

    Tracking data across all your HR processes helps you to make better decisions and achieve desirable outcomes. As your business grows spreadsheets become less effective. Switching to a digital solution gives you easy access to all the data and analytical tools you need.

    Ultra HR automatically gathers HR data such as attendance and employee experience feedback and securely stores it on the cloud. With a range of in-built tools, you can easily analyse the data and spot trends. The data can be viewed in real-time, or you can set up automated reports customised to your business needs. Automated alerts and notifications can be set up for savvy HR managers to keep their finger on the pulse.

  6. Improve your security

    Your HR management system stores highly confidential information such as bank details and personal information. Legally it’s your responsibility to keep this information secure. Switching to a cloud-based HR solution is the way forward to keeping all your data secure. Ultra HR comes with extra layers of security such as encryption and strict access permissions to help you comply with data protection legislation.

HR automation examples

What can be automated? Here are a few HR automation examples to show you how it can benefit your business and employees:  

Employee onboarding

The employee onboarding process requires checking IDs, signing forms, requesting tool access, and more. Ultra HR’s onboarding module provides an easy-to-follow checklist with automated notifications when something needs attention. This ensures a smooth process and that everything is completed and ready for the new starter joining the company. This creates a great first impression and helps them to get up and running quicker.  

Holiday approvals

A really cool feature of Ultra HR’s holiday management module is the automated holiday approvals. You can easily set up automatic holiday approvals on vacant dates and create custom dependencies between colleagues who can’t be off at the same time. By automating the holiday approval process, you take the admin burden away from managers. And employees benefit from faster holiday approvals, creating a better employee experience and improving the employee retention rate.  

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Discover the benefits for yourself

It’s clear to see that the benefits of HR automation can make an impact right across your business. Say goodbye to manual processes and endless spreadsheets with Ultra HR. Find out more about HR automation and how it can benefit your business with our exclusive 14-day trial 

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